1. She traveled _______ the world.

a. over             b. across          c. on                 d. around


  1. There’s a park across the street _______ the hospital.

a. of                 b. to                 c. from            d. for


  1. I am taking _______ some books.

a. hers          b. her               c. to her           d. she


  1. _______ bottle on the table.

a. It has a       b. There’s a     c. It’s a             d. There are


  1. Does your mother like Turkish coffee? Yes, she _______.

a. do             b. does             c. does like      d. likes


  1. I have a very good radio. I don’t need_______.

a. other one    b. some           c. any        d. another one


  1. Helen is always reading books. She _______ like to read.

a. will               b. would          c. must            d. can


  1. I am not _______ to vote.

a. very old        b. enough old       c. old enough     d. old for


  1. Tom and Helen_______ the radio.

a. are listening on                   b.  are listening to

b. is listening on                      d. is listening to


  1. Where’s the book?

a. There’s it.                             b. He’s under the chair.

b. It’s here.                               d There’s on a chair.


  1. What’s her brother doing?

a. She is playing football.     b. He is playing.

c. He is playing football.       d.  She is playing.


  1. I am not used to _______ strong coffee.

a. drink           b. drinking      c. drank           d. drunk


  1. “Are you going to find a. new job?”

“I don’t know. I _______”

a. should         b. might           c. must            d. will



  1. Tom is tall, and _______.

a. Henry is, too.                      b. Henry is to.

c. George’re, too.                     d. Henry is.


  1. Do Mr. and Mrs. Smith speak French?

a. He does, but she doesn’t.          b. He speaks, but she isn’t .

c. He speaks, but she doesn’t speak   d. He is, but she doesn’t.


  1. Do they live in England?

a. Yes, they live.                     b. Yes, they do.

c. No, they don’t live.             d. No, they aren’t


  1. Helen is behind Mary. Mary is ________Helen.

a. beside         b. between      c. in front of   d. next


  1. That’s Helen. She ________.

a. is long hair                           b. has long hair

c. have long hair                     d. have hair long


  1. What’s that man?

a. He’s Tom.     b. He’s a driver.       c. It’s Tom.        d. Yes, he is.


  1. George is Mrs. White’s son.

a. He is his son.                       b. She is her son.

c. She is his mother.               d. He Is his father.


  1. Is that a dog?

a. Yes, it is.                              b. Yes, that’s.

c. Yes, it’s that dog                 d. Yes, a dog is that.


  1. There are ________in the classroom but only one teacher.

a. many student                     b. much student

c. a lot of students                 d. a lot of student


  1. Helen ________.

a. gave Tom the pen.            b. gave the pen Tom.

c. gave to Tom the pen.        d. gave to the pen Tom.


  1. The sun ________in the East.

a. is always rising                                      b. rises always

c. always is rising                                      d. always rises


  1. There  isn’t ________at the bus stop.

a. anybody        b. any persons c. people    d. somebody

  1. He hasn’t bought ________oranges.

a. a lot             b. any              c. much           d. some


  1. ________don’t like red wine.

a. Some people    b. Somebody   c. Any people   d. Anybody


  1. Tom didn’t call the police. Helen didn’t call ________.

a. them, either   b. him, either    c. them, too   d. him, too


  1. Sally is ________George.

a. as tall than     b. so tall as        c. as tall as        d. so tall that


  1. Who ________on Sundays?

a. do help you       b. you help    c. do you help   d. you do help


  1. What is Mary like? She ________.

a. is very well                            b. likes ice cream

c. is like tall                                d. is very pretty


  1. ________to Bursa last month?

a. Did he go      b. Was he          c. Has he been d. Has he gone


  1. Whose is that? It’s ________.

a. my               b. of Tom       c. my sister     d. ours


  1. Helen never eats potatoes, and ________.

a. so doesn’t Ken                    b. neither doesn’t Ken

c. neither does Ken                d. neither Ken does


  1. The party will start ________Sunday.

a. on 9 o’clock at                    b. at 9 o’clock

c. at 9 o’clock on                    d. 9 o’clock on


  1. This is ________that.

a. the same as   b. the same that    c. different that     d. different


  1. I don’t know who ________chocolate.

a. like              b. likes             c. is liking        d. is like


  1. Fred eats ________bread.

a. too many   b. fewer           c. too much    d. any


  1. Who went to Bursa? Helen ________.

a. did               b. has               c. went             d. is


  1. Ask him ________.

a. how old is he                       b. how old he is

c. how old has he                   d. how old he has


  1. This is ________friend.

a. Helens        b. Helen’s        c. Helen is       d. Helens’


  1. ________the ball.

a. Kick            b. Playing        c. What           d. What is


  1. I can kick a ball, but I ________play football.

a. can              b. can’t            c. am               d. will


  1. ________eat the ice cream.

a. Don’t           b. Where         c. Can’t            d. When


  1. Please walk ________the street.

a. after            b. for                c. across          d. out


  1. What ________in her hand?

a. she has          b. is she            c. does she have   d. she is


  1. Helen has ________headache.

a. a                  b. some           c. the                d. an


  1. Tom has ________flu.

a. a                  b. some           c. the                d. an


  1. Peter has a fever because he has ________measles.

a. a                  b some            c. the                d. of


  1. The car is dirty. We ________wash it.

a. don’t have to       b. have         c. have to        d. do


  1. How many ________are there?

a. shoe              b. pair of shoes       c. pair         d. pairs of shoes


  1. Whose slippers ———————?

a. this is           b. these are     c. are these     d. is this


  1. We’ll ________swimming.

a. go to            b. going           c. to                  d. go



  1. I’m ________shopping.

a. going           b. can’t go       c. go                 d. don’t go


  1. The ________house is on Park Street.

a. Bill’s            b. Browns’       c. friend           d. boys


  1. Peter wants ________pocket calculator now.

a. uses             b. likes             c. to use           d.  use


  1. “What________?”

“It’s November 22, 1984.”

a. the date is  b. day              c. is the date   d. day is today


  1. “When is your birthday?” “It is ________August.”

a. on                b. into              c. between      d. in


  1. My birthday is ________June 27.

a. on                b. into              c. between      d. in


  1. There isn’t ________at your house now.

a. person         b. somebody c. people         d. anybody


  1. Is there ________on the meat?

a. anybody    b. thing            c. anything     d. somebody


  1. Betty ________come to the party.

a. may not     b. is                  c. maybe         d. does


  1. The brown car is ________than the white one.

a. smaller          b. the smallest   c. smallest         d. small


  1. The movie is ________than the book.

a. most interesting                  b. interesting

c. more interesting                  d. interestingly


  1. These apples aren’t as ________those.

a. better than b. good as       c. good            d. better


  1. That TV program is ________than the other one.

a. good            b. worst           c. worse           d. bad


  1. It is the ________book in the library.

a. bad              b. worst           c. worse           d. better


  1. ________did Tom eat for breakfast?

a. When          b. Where         c. What           d. How


  1. “________did you go there?”   “To visit some friends.”

a. When          b. Why            c. How             d. What


  1. I spent ________time  studying for the test.

a. a lot of        b. hours of      c. a few           d. not much


  1. They have been good friends ________1978.

a. for               b. since            c. in                  d. before


  1. David has been ________for three hours.

a. working      b. to work       c. worked        d. not work


  1. I can’t find my book ________.

a. everywhere                            b. not here   c. where          d. anywhere


  1. I want to go ________this weekend.

a. everywhere                            b. mountains        c. somewhere                 d. beach


  1. Tom speaks English ________.

a. good            b. difficult       c. easy             d. well


  1. My friend drives ________.

a. fast              b. bad              c. good            d. careful


  1. We work ——————— every day.

a. good            b. bad              c. well              d. much


  1. Mrs. Brown feels ________.

a. beautifully                          b. terrible         c. nicely          d. easily


  1. The movie ________interesting at the end.

a. stops           b. sees              c. goes             d.  gets


  1. “They speak English.”   “So ________.”

a. they do       b. they speak                           c. do we          d. we speak too


  1. “I went to New York.”   “So ________.”

a. I went           b. she goes        c. did my friend       d. she also


  1. I can’t speak French, and my friend can’t ________.

a. so                 b. either           c. so too          d.  neither

  1. Tom’s mother sent ________a letter.

a. him              b. for him        c. to him          d. by him


  1. “________can design computers?”   “Engineers can.”

a. How            b. Who            c. Why             d. Whom


  1. ________do you write to about the job?

a. What           b. Why            c. Whom         d. When


  1. Kathy is wearing a hat ________is red.

a. it                  b. so                 c. that              d.  such


  1. Helen has a friend ________plays football.

a. who             b. always        c. he                 d. his team


  1. She showed me some pictures ________were very interesting.

a. that             b. all                 c. mountains d. they


  1. Do you know where ________a good dinner?

a. a restaurant for       b. get       c. we can get        d.  can we get


  1. Is it difficult ________English?

a. to learn       b. having         c. have            d. speak


  1. I don’t understand how ________the homework.

a. write            b. doing           c. read             d. to do


  1. This is my friend ________house is near mine.

a. who lives in      b. whose      c. who is          d. in his


  1. Do you know ________car that is?

a. if                  b. with a          c. how fast      d. whose


  1. It ________this morning when I woke up.

a. is raining     b. will rain       c. was raining    d. would rain


  1. I was sleeping________ the alarm ran?.

a. when           b. how             c. why              d. which


  1. If Frank had more time, he ________to see more movies.

a. would          b. would be able     c. can        d. had


  1. We will work on the problem ________we solve it

a. why             b. how             c. until             d. by


  1. I look forward ________you soon.

a. of visiting   b. to visit         c. to visiting    d. visiting



1 26 51 76
2 27 52 77
3 28 53 78
4 29 54 79
5 30 55 80
6 31 56 81
7 32 57 82
8 33 58 83
9 34 59 84
10 35 60 85
11 36 61 86
12 37 62 87
13 38 63 88
14 39 64 89
15 40 65 90
16 41 66 91
17 42 67 92
18 43 68 93
19 44 69 94
20 45 70 95
21 46 71 96
22 47 72 97
23 48 73 98
24 49 74 99
25 50 75 100


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