1. The Browns are coming ______ bus.

a. by                  b. with              c. in                   d. on


  1. She doesn’t have ______ money.

a. many             b. much            c. no                  d. very


  1. George enjoys ______ in the sea.

a. from swimming         b. swim      c. to swim         d. swimming


  1. Can you tell me ______?

a. where does Jack live              b. where Jack lives

c. where is Jack living               d. where lives Jack


  1. Did you see the pencil ______ two days ago?

a. I bought it                              b. which I bought it

c. that I bought it                        d. which I bought


  1. He would buy a new car if he ______ more money.

a. had      b. would had           c. would have      d. have had


  1. Alice is the same age ______ David.

a. with               b.  like              c. as                  d. by


  1. Who ______ the dinner?

a. did cook              b. cooked          c. was cook       d. is cooked


  1. How many times a week did you do English at school?

a. Four times in week                b. Twice in a week

c. Once in week                         d.  Twice a week


  1. Yon say you have sent him a letter, but I think  you ______ instead.

a. ought to send him a telegram

b. ought to have sent him a telegram

c. can send him a telegram

d. should send him a telegram


  1. The children want me to ______ them a story now.

a. say                b. talk               c. tell                 d. speak


  1. He ______ hard. because he answered all the questions in the exam.

a. must have studied                  b. should study

c. should have studied               d. ought to study.


  1. His aunt died three months ago. Since then he ______ to Ankara twice.

a. went              b. has gone       c. was going     d. was gone


  1. She is married ______ an Englishman.

a. by                  b. with              c. to                   d.  too


  1. They met some people ______ sons were all football players.

a. who               b. who’s            c. whom            d. whose


  1. They really don’t know ______.

a. when does the football game begin.

b. when the football game begin.

c. when the football game begins.

d. when begins the football game


  1. He______ difficulty on the last test he took.

a. had                b. has                c. is having       d. will have


  1. After ______ his coffee he left the restaurant.

a. drinking        b. drank            c. drink             d. to drink


  1. She only takes ______ sugar in her tea.

a. few                b. a lot              c. a little            d. a few


  1. The teacher’s book, ______ lives of great men and women, has 500 pages.

a. who contains                          b. which contains

c. which is contain                     d whose contains


  1. They ______ earlier than the others, but they arrived later.

a. are leaving     b. had left         c. leave              d. are leave

  1. You can travel ______.

a. neither by train or by bus.      b either by train nor by bus.

c. either by train or by bus.        d. or by train nor by bus


  1. They will   leave the house as soon as they ______ lunch.

a. finish eating                           b. will finish to eat

c. finish to eat                            d. will finish eating


  1. I will work ______.

a. when he will come back         b. by the time he came back

c. until he will come back          d. until he comes back


  1. If you ______ your exams, you will have a long holiday.

a. pass               b. will pass       c. are going to pass   d. passed


  1. I would have called him right away if I ______ his telephone number.

a. have known                           b. will know

c. had known                             d. would know


  1. ______ wine alter dinner.

a. I’m used to drinking               b. I used to drinking

c. I’m used drinking                   d. I’m used to drink


  1. When ______ born?

a. did you          b. were you      c. are you          d. you were


  1. He seems to be the director. I remember ______ in school

a. saw him        b. seeing him    c. him to see      d. to see him


  1. He ______ by the doctor.

a. being examined                      b. has examined

c. has been examined                 d. has been exam


  1. John has got married and ______.

a. so his sister has                      b. so has his sister

c. so got married his sister         d. so did his sister


  1. Roy didn’t go to school yesterday and ______.

a. nor didn’t James                    b. neither didn’t James.

c. James didn’t either                  d. James didn’t too.


  1. My brother would rather ______.

a. play than study                       b. play than studies

c. plays than study                     d. to play than to study.


  1. Do you know where ______?

a. are they meeting                     b. will they meet

c. do they meet                           d. they will meet


  1. She had the servant ______ the windows.

a. to clean          b. clean             c. cleans            d. cleaned


  1. We had a test yesterday. I wish ______.

a. we hadn’t one                         b. we hadn’t had one

c. we didn’t have one                 d. we don’t have one


  1. The teacher told us ______ noise in class.

a. don’t make     b. not make       c. not to make       d. not made


  1. Your sister never saw him, ______?

a. did she          b. does he         c. didn’t you      d. doesn’t she


  1. Who______?

a. for you waited                        b. did you wait for you

c. did you wait for                     d. did wait for you


  1. She has been with us ______ ten years.

a. since              b. from             c. by                  d. for


  1. It’s been rainy  all afternoon, ______ it?

a. wasn’t            b. isn’t               c. hasn’t             d. doesn’t


  1. I am interested ______ English.

a. at                   b. to                  c. for                 d. in

  1. She told him where ______.

a. she lived        b. does she live       c. has she lived        d. did she live


  1. ______ their sister given a present every year?

a. Are                b. Is                  c. Do                 d. Does


  1. When ______ to you?

a. did that letter send                  b. was that letter sending

c. does that letter send                d. was that letter sent


  1. I got the window ______.

a. cleaning         b. cleaned         c. cleans            d. to clean


  1. I ______ up early last year.

a. use to get    b. used to getting           c. used get     d. used to get


  1. Do you mind _____the window?

a. closing          b. to close         c. close              d. to closing


  1. I’d ______ finish this book.

a. not better to      b. not better          c. better not          d. better not to


  1. She _____ go there if it rains.

a. would rather not                     b. wouldn’t rather

c. would rather not to                 d. would rather don’t


  1. How long ago did you ______?

a. have painted your house        b. have your house painted

c. had your house painted          d. have your house paint


  1. If it snows there, it ______,too.

a. is raining       b. must rain      c. rained            d. must have rained


  1. My coffee is ______ hot that I can’t drink it.

a. very               b. much            c. so                  d. too


  1. I ______ him at 10: 00 A.M. tomorrow.

a. am supposed to see                b. am supposed to seeing

c. supposed to see                      d. am suppose to see


  1. Paul studies his lessons the most carefully ______ all the students in class.

a. than               b. from             c. as                  d. of


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.


The organ switches from the soft background music it’s been playing and starts on the wedding march. All the guests stand up and Christine and Dad start down the aisle to where the vicar and David are waiting for them. Christine looks a real picture, all in white. The organ stops and there’s dead quiet for a minute. Then the vicar begins.

Outside the church when it’s over, the photographers get busy. We get them to hurry up because it’s too cold to wait about. Then I slip a coat round Christine’s shoulders and let my cousin Geoff take her and David to the reception and I follow on behind with Mum and Dad. We drive away leaving confetti in the snow and the deep puddles in the gutters.

When Christine and David go off to catch their train, a lot of the guests go home because the wedding’s officially over. But the closest family and friends come back to our house. We live in Headow Lane, in a big, old stone-fronted house. You get a nice view from the bedroom windows with the town on one side and the park on the other. A lot of people have come back with us and we have to borrow some chairs from the neighbors for them to sit on; but this doesn’t help much because then out of common politeness we have to invite the neighbors in as well. Mum says that she’s never seen the house as full since her father’s funeral. But this is no funeral. They haven’t had a party like this in years and they’re out to make the best of it and bury all the family differences.


  1. When the bride walks down the aisle, the organ ______.

a. plays background music        b. is switched off

c. makes a noise like a gun        d. plays the wedding march




  1. With Christine, walking down the aisle ______.

a. is her father                            b. are the vicar and David

c. are all the guests                     d. is a film star


  1. The wedding is ______.

a. a simple one in a government office

b. a formal ceremony, held in a church

c. private, family wedding with no guests

d. a private one, held on an island


  1. Christine, the bride, is dressed _______.

a. in a way one cannot imagine b. in everyday clothes

c. like a film star                                                 d. in white


  1. After the wedding ________.

a. the vicar leaves the church    b. the lovers take photographs

c. the family have wedding photographs taken

d. there is a crowd in the busy street


  1. The bride and her husband are driven away from the church by ________.

a. the story-teller’s cousin          b. a man called David

c. the story-teller himself           d. Christine’s mother and father


  1. The weather on Christine’s wedding day is ________.

a. typical of a fine autumn day  b. cold and snowy

c. colder in the church than out  of doors            d. sunny


  1. The sign that the wedding is over comes when ________.

a. the train arrives                      b. all the guests go home

c. Mum and Dad drive away leaving confetti in the snow

d. the bride and her husband leave to catch a train


  1. After the wedding, a party of family and close friends go ______.

a. home to the story-teller’s house          b. to their own homes

c. to catch a train                        d. to David’s house


  1. The story-teller’s house is __________.

a. set in green fields                   b. big and old

c. a modern villa                        d. cheap and small


  1. The view from the bedroom window ______.

a. consists of a distant town              b. consists of fields and a lane.

c. is a pleasant one overlooking the town and the park

d. consists of old stone houses


  1. There are so many guests in the house that _______.

a. the story-teller has to bring chairs from the neighbors’ houses

b. they all have to sit still and not walk about

c. they all have to go and sit in the neighbors’ houses

d. they have to bring their own chairs


  1. Whatever they do, there are not enough chairs because _______.

a. the neighbors will not lend the story teller their chairs

b. the guests are too polite to stand up

c. the neighbors invite them all to stay

d. the neighbors who lend their chairs come to the party too


  1. The story-teller’s mother _______.

a. is sad remembering her father   b. is attending her father’s funeral

c. says that there are as many guests as there were at her father’s funeral

d. wants everyone to go to a funeral


  1. The party is _______.

a. unsuccessful                          b. full of thieves

c. successful because everyone is friendly

d. unfriendly because everyone goes out



1 A 26 C 51 B
2 B 27 A 52 B
3 D 28 B 53 C
4 B 29 B 54 A
5 D 30 C 55 D
6 A 31 B 56 D
7 C 32 C 57 A
8 B 33 A 58 B
9 D 34 D 59 D
10 B 35 B 60 C
11 C 36 B 61 A
12 A 37 C 62 B
13 B 38 A 63 D
14 C 39 C 64 A
15 D 40 D 65 B
16 C 41 C 66 C
17 A 42 D 67 A
18 A 43 A 68 D
19 C 44 B 69 C
20 B 45 D 70 C
21 B 46 B
22 C 47 D
23 A 48 A
24 D 49 C
25 A 50 A


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