1. _______ a pencil in my bag which you can borrow.

a. That’s                  b. It’s                 c. What’s           d. There’s


  1. It sets very hot there in the summer, _______?

a. isn’t it                  b. is there          c. doesn’t it        d. does there


  1. Don’t worry, I’ll do the shopping for you today; I  _______ the office early on Fridays.

a. will leave             b. will be leaving        c. leave           d. am leaving


  1. Henry remembered Mary’s birthday and  _______.

a. her a gift sent                               b. a gift to her sent

c. to her a gift sent                           d. sent her a gift


  1. I see you are still doing your math homework. How many problems  _______ so far?

a. will you finish                              b. are you finished

c. are you finishing                          d. have you finished


  1. My brother finished his dinner  _______ than my sister.

a. quickly             b. more quicker    c. more quickly          d. the quickest


  1. I  _______ to get on the bus when the doors closed and I was left behind.

a. was going           b. had gone       c. would go       d. was gone


  1. He’s already about  _______ his father.

a. so tall than              b. as tall as        c. as tall than       d. so tall as


  1. Ali has been at METU  _______ three years.

a. since                    b. during           c. while             d. for


  1. This morning you  _______ me about your father’s accident when we were interrupted. I’d like to hear the rest of the story.

a. have told             b. were telling   c. told                d. are telling


  1. A: Have you heard anything from Tom lately?

B : Yes, let me be the first to tell you  ____ good news about him.

a. the                       b. any                c. his                 d. these


  1. How  _______ have you been to America?

a. much time           b. long for         c. many times      d. long ago


  1. Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you  _______.

a. everywhere           b. all places     c. anywhere      d. some places


  1. Ahmet is not only a good student  _______ a fine athlete.

a. rather than           b. as well as      c. but also         d. in addition


  1. The police wanted  _______ our car to a side street.

a. us to move            b. we to move    c. we moved     d. us moving


  1. This lesson is  _______ than I expected.

a. much harder        b. the hardest                 c. most hard      d. more hard


  1. A: He’s the best person for the job.

B: I  _______ so, too; but now I’m not sure.

a. don’t think           b. used to think       c. think              d. am thinking


  1. You may find the end of the story quite  _______.

a. surprised             b. surprises       c. surprising      d. surprise


  1. A: Mary’s very late. I hope nothing’s happened to her.

B: _______.

a. I don’t either        b. Neither do I.

c. So do I.               d. I hope to


  1. The advisor has not yet returned the student lists, but when  _______, they will be put on the bulletin board.

a. he will                 b. they do          c. he does          d. they are


  1. A: Who cooks dinner at your house?

B: It _______ by my elder sister.

a. is cooked             b. is cooking     c. has cooked       d. can cook


  1. Mary to Tom: I have something to show you.

Mary told Tom that  _____ had something to show  _____.

a.  I /you                 b. she /him        c. you/him         d. she /you


  1. A: What are you boiling that water for?

B: _______.

a. To make tea         b. For to make tea

c. Making tea          d. Because of making tea


  1. The students _______. Don’t interrupt them.

a. are seeming busy                          b. seem to be busy

c. are seeming busily                        d. seem busily


  1. Father to son: Please, don’t argue with me.

The father _______ argue with him.

a. wanted that his son didn’t            b. asked his son not to

c. asked his son if he didn’t              d. said that his son didn’t


  1. He is _______ that he has no time for regular meals.

a. such a busy man                                                    b. such busy man

c. so busy man                                 d. a so busy man


  1. He drove so fast _______.

a. when he was caught by the police

b. that the passengers became frightened

c. as his car had broken down

d. than most men had done


  1. Tourist to policeman : How far is it to the station?

The tourist _______ to the station.

a. inquired how far it was                b. wanted to know if it was far

c. asked me that was it far                d. said how far it was


  1. Dear Mary,

This is the first time _______ you a letter.

a. of writing                                     b. for me to write

c. that I had written                          d. I am writing


  1. Who’s that girl? I can’t remember _______ her before.

a. to see                   b. if I see           c. seeing            d. did I see


  1. I wish you _______ so much. It is bad for your health.

a. won’t be smoking                         b. don’t smoke

c. aren’t smoking                             d. didn’t smoke


  1. A: Oh, your coat’s wet!

B: That’s because _______.

a. the rainy weather b. the rain is

c. it’s been raining                            d. it might rain


  1. A: Is the math problem very difficult?

B: The problem _______ is not difficult, but it takes a long time to do.

a. which                  b. that                c. it                    d. itself


  1. The lab assistant  made the students _______ the experiment all over again.

a. did                       b. doing            c. do                  d. done


  1. He has been very lonely since _______.

a. many years          b. a long time

c. his dead wife       d. his wife died


  1. I want to go to the station. Can you tell me which bus _______?

a. to take                 b. takes             c. I am taking        d. for me to take


  1. Don’t touch that hot stove! _______.

a. It’ll get burned    b. It’ll be burned

c. You’ll burn it.      d. You’ll get burned.


  1. The reason _______ I’m writing is to tell you about a party on Saturday.

a. because               b. for                 c. why               d. of


  1. Let’s stay at home tonight, _______ you want to watch TV.

a. that                      b. since             c. because of     d. whether


  1. I wish I could find _______.

a. living quiet somewhere                b. some quiet where to live

c. a quiet somewhere to live   d. somewhere quiet to live


  1. A: I wonder why my watch isn’t working.

B: You_______ it.

a. must have dropped                       b. could drop

c. should have dropped                    d. must be dropping


  1. He is getting his latest novel _______ next month.

a. to publish            b. publishing     c. published      d. be published


  1. Although Ali is quite short, _______ reach the apples on the tree.

a. he can also                                    b. he just can’t

c. he’s tall enough to                         d. he’s too short to


  1. You can buy almost anything in this supermarket; _______ it has a cafeteria serving good cheap meals.

a. however              b. moreover      c. meanwhile     d. otherwise


  1. If I had known that the book was so boring, _______.

a. I wouldn’t buy it                           b. I would have bought it

c. I wouldn’t have bought it              d. I would buy it


  1. A: How did the water feel?

B: _______.

a. Warm                  b. Warmth         c. Warmly         d. Warmest


  1. A manager should have good knowledge of labor _______.

a. organizer             b. organized      c. organization    d. organize


  1. Petroleum _______ are getting more and more expensive every day.

a. produces             b. products        c. production     d. productivity


  1. We had a very _______ time at the football match yesterday.

a. excited                 b. excitement     c. exciting         d. excitedly


  1. He had to pay the library for the _______ book.

a. lose                     b. lost                c. loss               d. loser


  1. Stop talking and  _______ with your work.

a. get on                  b. get away       c. get after         d. get back


1 D 26 A 51
2 C 27 B 52
3 C 28 A 53
4 D 29 D 54
5 D 30
6 C 31
7 A 32
8 B 33
9 D 34
10 B 35
11 A 36
12 C 37
13 A 38
14 C 39
15 A 40
16 A 41
17 B 42
18 C 43
19 C 44
20 C 45
21 A 46
22 B 47
23 A 48
24 B 49
25 B 50


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