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Dear Friend


I am so happy to hear from you; I am sorry to learn about Ayşe’s mother, who is sick.  Is Ayşe going to class and taking care of her mother, too?


I received your wonderful card and poem today—both are very sweet and I was so happy when I read them.  You are a wonderful poet–the language is beautiful.   Thank You, Ahmet. I also like the logo of your publishing company very much.

You have been very busy.


We are all fine, except that Daisy has a sore nose.  We don’t know what happened to her, but her nose has a big bump, so she looks a little funny.  It doesn’t bother her–she still runs and eats and plays, but we hope it is not a serious problem.  David will take her to the veterinarian tomorrow.  The weather is cool at night now, but there are still some vegetables growing in the garden.  I will be sad when it all ends, but it will give me more time to do other things.


We would love to see you.  Where will you stay when you come to New York?  Will you have a car?  Would you like to stay here?  Are you coming to do something special?  Will you be able to see Ayşe?  Do you know when you will come?  My office is having a special dinner on Thursday, the 20th, and, because I work there, I will have to work that day.  Any other day is good.  The weekend would also be good.  Please let me know.


I’m glad that you are studying and writing.  The class will be good for you, too.  Do your friends speak English or Turkish?


I have given you a  lot of questions to answer.  (I think I am always a teacher!!)


Your friend,





Dear Ahmet,


I was very happy to see your email. I didn’t know if you were in Turkey or on Long Island after the big storm.  I am sorry to hear that your mother was sick.  My wish is that she get better.  Please tell her that.


I am also glad to hear that you are writing a new book.  Will it be translated into English by your family’s publishing company in New York?  That would be wonderful so that I could read it.


Is there anyone in your village who knows English?  I was surprised to learn that you have no internet there.  I will look up information about the city, Ankara, when I finish this note.


We are fine.  Daisy was very happy because a cousin of mine stayed for three days and gave Daisy a lot of attention.  We had a nice time; we visited many old and interesting houses in the area.  (not Daisy!!)


We don’t have snow in New York yet… today the sun is shining and the temperature is cold, but nice for this time of year.  It is a busy time because of the Christmas holiday.  There is a lot to do, but it is also a nice time to visit with family and friends.  I wish you were here so you could visit us, too.


I am still working and David  keeps busy.  We are going to visit Nicaragua for one week in January—to meet my nephew’s wife’s family and to see where he lives and works.  It will be very hot there, but it is the coolest month.


I went to the class a week ago, so I saw your friends.  I had a nice time.  I brought Mary there because she has come back from her country

(Viet Nam).  There is a new young Chinese boy who does not know much English and I will work with him after Bharti returns.  Did you know that she is in India now?


I hear about Turkey and your area of the world every day on the news and think of you. Do you plan to come back to the United States again when your mother is better?


Take care.   Your friend,





Dear Ahmet,


I love the pictures of the little city, Safranbolu.  It is a beautiful place.  Yes, I read that Ankara was a mine town.  It was hard work for your father.  Is your mother feeling better?


My nephew has lived in Nicaragua for many years and I have wanted to go there for a long time.  We are all very excited about the trip.  It will be very warm there—I will send you the pictures of some of the places he wants us to visit.  I will swim in the ocean and in a glacial lake.


Does Ayşe and her mother still live in New York?  It is far from my house and my work.  I  could not see her very often, and—as you know—a person must study and practice every day to learn the language.  I wish that I could help them, but it would be best if they had someone closer who could see the mother every week.


I am so happy to hear that your book will be in English.  I will be excited to read it.


If you go back to your village in a few days and will stay there for the Christmas holiday, I will wish you: “Mutlu Noeller” now.


Take care and enjoy everything.






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