1. Mehmet_______ already left when you arrived.

a. be                        b. had                c. just                d was


  1. I_______ working until you came.

a. am                       b. will be           c. had been        d. won’t


  1. The landlord _______ just rented the apartment when I got there.

a. almost                 b. had been       c. have              d. had


  1. _______ they rented it before you called?

a. How                    b. Did               c. Who              d. Had


  1. _______ you like to go to the movies tonight?

a. How                    b. Would           c. Had               d. Why


  1. No, I_______ rather go tomorrow.

a. would                  b. much             c. can                d. will

  1. _______ it be possible to go next week?

a. Can                     b. Rather           c. How              d. May


  1. No, I _______ like to go then.

a. can’t                    b. wouldn’t       c. can                d. not


  1. If my car _______ start, I will be late.

a. didn’t                   b. don’t             c. doesn’t          d. did


  1. If Anita doesn’t hurry, she _______ be able to finish.

a. won’t                  b. can                c. would            d. can’t


  1. Leonard won’t come _______ it rains tomorrow.

a. will                      b.  because        c. if                   d.  and


  1. If I _______ a chef, I’d make a great meal.

a. was                     b. am                 c. were              d. cooked


  1. If it _______ cold outside, Linda would go to the beach.

a. weren’t                b. wasn’t           c. isn’t               d. won’t be


  1. Jim _______ study harder if he had more time

a. will                      b. were              c. won’t             d. would


  1. Many cameras _______ in Japan.

a. made             b. here        c. are making        d. are made


  1. Wallace _______ needed here tomorrow.

a. not                      b. was               c. isn’t               d. aren’t


  1. The computer _______  guaranteed by the company.

a. is                         b. it’s                c. are                 d. aren’t


  1. These packages are _______ special care because they’re fragile.

a. give                     b. given             c. needing          d. giving


  1. When the door _______ Frank was very surprised.

a. opens                  b. is opened      c. was opened      d. shuts


  1. “The letter _______ last week.”  Lola said.

a. is sent                 b. was sent       c. will be sent      d. sent


  1. These houses _______ by settlers many years ago.

a. are made              b. were built     c. built              d. made


  1. America _______ by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

a. was here           b. was discovered      c. found      d. had ships


  1. Wilma _______ called if she had forgotten her keys.

a. had             b. was            c. would            d. would have


  1. They would have gone home if we_______ here.

a. aren’t                   b. won’t be       c. hadn’t been      d. are


  1. If Bruce had been careful, he _______ had an accident.

a. has                b. have           c. wouldn’t       d. wouldn’t have


  1. Would Bruce _______ his car if he had driven slowly?

a. damage                                         b. had damaged

c. have damaged d. damaged


  1. Janet taught _______ to play the piano.

a. myself                 b. yourself        c. herself           d. I


  1. The Nelsons enjoyed _______ on their vacation.

a. themselves            b. yourself      c. yourselves    d. ourselves


  1. I’m teaching _______ to speak English.

a. himself                b. yourself        c. us                  d. myself


  1. It was very cold today. You _______ your sweater.

a. could wear          b. should have worn

c. should wear        d. couldn’t worn


  1. Tom _______ more for the test yesterday.

a. can always study                                                  b. will be able to study

c. could have studied                       d. always studies


  1. Ronald _______ left last week.

a. should                 b. might not      c. have           d. might have


  1. By 5:30 this afternoon, Bob _______ been at work for eight hours.

a. has                      b. have              c. will         d. will have


  1. Everyone will ______ lunch by 2:30.

a. be                        b. have had       c. eat for           d. had have


  1. The painters _______ finished their work by tomorrow.

a. have                    b. won’t be        c. will have       d. were


  1. The package should be here _____ ten o’clock tomorrow.

a. delivered             b. by                 c. sent               d. by mail


  1. Susan will probably work _______ six.

a. for                       b. until              c. under             d. by


  1. _______ the time Mr. Woo is sixty, he will have worked for forty years.

a. When                  b. Over             c. Until             d. By


  1. Always put medicine away after _______ it.

a. take               b. you took      c. took        d. taking


  1. You should always check your tires before_______ your car.

a. drive              b. driving       c. you drove        d. you’re driving


  1. Are you interested in _______ a watch?

a. by                       b. buying          c. for                 d. to buy


  1. Joan said that _______.

a. I’m at my office                           b. she was at her office

c. “I’m at my office”                        d. you are at your office


  1. Jack _______ to Tom.

a. says that he had spoken              b. said that he had spoken

c. say that he speaks                    d. had spoken that he will say


  1. Lucy told him that _______ to you.

a. she wants to talk                                                   b. I want to talk

c. she wanted to talk                        d. you wanted to talk


  1. I thought that he _______ something for me.

a. was supposed to do                     b. is supposed to do

c. was supposed to                                                   d. is supposed to


  1. Carlos heard that you _______ in town.

a. are                       b. were              c. been              d. gone.


  1. They promised that they _______ Mike next year.

a. visit               b. will visit    c. would visit       d. won’t visit


  1. I don’t mind _______ for you.

a. to wait                b. to waiting     c. waiting          d. wait


  1. Betty couldn’t help _______ when Oscar fell down.

a. the laugh             b. at laughing    c. to laugh         d. laughing


  1. Wilbur can’t stand _______ the bus to work.

a. riding                   b. the ride         c. ride                d. sitting


  1. Don’t be nervous. I want you _______.

a. not nervous            b. to relax       c. relax              d. relaxing


  1. Excuse me, officer. I’d like you _______ me.

a. helping                b. to help          c. help           d. for helping


  1. The instructor want us _______ for the test

a. student                b. study hard    c. to prepare     d. writing


  1. “Would you like me _______?” he asked.

a. dancing                b. to dance        c. a dance          d. dance


  1. Traffic was bad because the highway _______ repaired.

a. will be                 b. was being      c. is                   d. being


  1. They didn’t consider the traffic problem when the plans for the project _______ made last year.

a. have been                                     b. was being

c. were being                                    d. are carefully


  1. The English test was _______ yesterday.

a. being             b. being hard     c. being here      d. being given


  1. Jean has _______ paid a good salary.

a. earned              b. being          c. been        d. been earning


  1. Nobu’s suitcase _______ already examined by the customs officer.

a. carefully              b. has                c. is                   d. has been


  1. Their passports  _______ checked by the officer.

a. already Have       b. have already been

c. already been        d. have already to be


  1. “What did the surgeon tell Elizabeth?”

“He recommended  _______ an operation.”

a. that she have       b. her have

c. she has                d. that she will have


  1. John  _______ in Japan before he came here.

a. learned                b. been educated

c. been reading        d. had gone to school


  1. “Our house needs painting”

“You can  _______ a company paint it.”

a.  get                      b. ask                c. have              d.  tell


  1. Robert seems  _______ ready.

a. it is                      b. to be             c. being             d. of being


  1. They imagine London  _______ like the picture.

a. be                        b. of being         c. to be              d. look


  1. The theater seems  _______ small for all the people.

a. to                  b. it’s to            c. to be too       d. too much


  1. Nancy had imagined it  _______ different.

a. much                   b. will be           c. is                   d. to be


  1. When Adam was a child, he  _______ to live on a farm.

a. likes                    b. used              c. farmed           d. wishes


  1. Mr. Jasper  _______ to be a baseball player.

a. as                        b. has been        c. used              d. never


  1. Before the invention of the automobile, people  _______ use horses for transportation.

a. to                        b. to travel        c. always          d. used to


  1. Did Alice _______ to live here?

a. used                    b. used to          c. use                d. ever


  1. “Are you still employed at the airport?”

“Yes, I  _______ there since 1978.”

a. had been working                         b. worked

c. have been working                       d. am working


  1. Mike earns a better salary at his new job.

a. Mike’s new salary is nice.

b. Mike earned less money at his old job.

c. Mike’s old job wasn’t nice.

d. The money that Mike earns is better.


  1. It was the most difficult test that Tim had ever taken.

a. Tim had never taken a difficult test.

b. Tim had never taken a harder test.

c. Tim had taken many difficult tests.

d. Tim will have taken a harder test.


Read the paragraph and answer the questions

The amount of water used in the United States is quickly increasing. The country needs twice as much water as it did ten years ago. Much of the nation’s water, however, is polluted. Some experts say that ninety percent of the country’s major rivers are polluted. In recent years, however, the United States has begun to clean up its water supply.


  1. The amount of water used in the United Nations is_______.

a. polluted              b. clean             c. big                 d. increasing


  1. The country needs_______ water than it did ten years ago..

a. clearer                 b. more       c. more polluted      d. polluted


  1. _______ percent of the country’s major rivers are not polluted.

a. A large                b. Ten               c. Ninety          d. Most


  1. The United States has recently begun to_______ its water supply.

a. use                      b. pollute          c. drink             d. clean up




1 B 26 C 51 B 76 B
2 C 27 C 52 B 77 B
3 D 28 A 53 C 78 D
4 D 29 D 54 B
5 B 30 B 55 B
6 A 31 C 56 C
7 A 32 D 57 D
8 B 33 D 58 C
9 C 34 B 59 D
10 A 35 C 60 B
11 C 36 B 61 A
12 C 37 B 62 D
13 A 38 D 63 C
14 D 39 D 64 B
15 D 40 B 65 C
16 C 41 B 66 C
17 A 42 B 67 D
18 B 43 B 68 B
19 C 44 C 69 C
20 B 45 A 70 D
21 B 46 B 71 C
22 B 47 C 72 C
23 D 48 C 73 B
24 C 49 D 74 B
25 D 50 A 75 D


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