1. “Did you read this book?”

“No, I didn’t. I wish I _______ it.”

a. read               b. can read        c. had read        d. will read


  1. He will study _______.

a. until I will come back.            b. when I came back.

c. when I will come back.          d. until I come back.


  1. He has a headache so he _______ take an aspirin.

a. must              b. ought            c. had to            d. must have


  1. You say you have sent him a letter, but I think you _______.

a. should phone him.                 b. ought to phone him.

c. should have phoned him.       d. ought to have phone him.


  1. He would have told me if he _______ it.

a. knew       b. would know       c. has known    d. had known


  1. You will have a long holiday if you _______ your class.

a. will pass b. are going to pass          c. pass        d. would pass


  1. If I knew his telephone number I _______ right away.

a. would call     b. call                c. will call         d. have called


  1. The Browns will go on a picnic unless it _______.

a. doesn’t rain    b. wont rain      c. rains              d. will rain


  1. The teacher has Ali _______ the blackboard every day.

a. cleaned          b. clean             c. cleans            d. to clean


  1. Aunt Elizabeth got the roof _______.

a. mended         b. to mend        c. mend             d. mends


  1. My sister would rather _______  .

a. play than studies                    b. to play than to study

c. play than study                       d. plays than study


  1. Ayşe has finished her school and _______.

a. so did her brother                   b. so has her brother

c. so finished her brother           d. so her brother has


  1. Rose doesn’t go to school and _______.

a. James doesn’t too                   b. James doesn’t either

c. James doesn’t neither             d. nor doesn’t James


  1. He must be the director. I remember _______  in school.

a. to see him      b. him to see     c. seeing him     d. saw him


  1. _______ coffee after lunch.

a. I’m used to drinking               b. I’m used to drink

c. I used to drinking                   d. I’m used drinking


  1. “Helen is leaving home to get a job in New York.” “I think _______ will make her father sad.”

a. her leaving    b. she leaving   c. she leaves      d. her to leave


  1. He _______ mistake in the examination.

a. did a              b. made a          c. was               d. made


  1. Do you know where _______?

a. will they meet                         b. they will meet

c. do they meet                           d. are they meeting


  1. These grapes _______ in the sun.

a. has been dried                        b. have been dry

c. have been dried                      d. have being dried


  1. I think the roof needs _______.

a. be mended     b. to be mended         c. to mend         d. of mending


  1. I haven’t eaten anything _______.

a. since five hours                      b. for yesterday morning

c. since yesterday morning        d. for five o’clock


  1. The teacher told us _______ noise in class.

a. don’t make     b. not to make   c. not make       d. not making


  1. I took a taxi so that I _______ miss the train.

a. won’t             b. don’t             c. wouldn’t        d. can’t


  1. George must go home now, but he wishes _______.

a. he didn’t have to                     b. he hadn’t had to

c. he mustn’t                               d. he hasn’t had to


  1. We will have another test tomorrow. I wish _______.

a. we wouldn’t have one            b. we hadn’t had one

c. we don’t have one                  d. we won’t have one


  1. I didn’t take the test last week. I wish _______.

a. I took it                                  b. I would have take it

c. I had taken it                          d. I have taken it


  1. My son is 7 years old. He is _______ to go to school.

a. to young        b. enough old   c. old enough    d. too old


  1. When the bell rang, I _______ the test.

a. have already finished             b. had already finished

c. already have finished             d. had already finish


  1. Has he ever _______ his leg?

a. break             b. broken          c. broke             d. breaks


  1. Mary _______ the house early yesterday morning.

a. left                 b. leaves           c. has left          d. is leaving


  1. Will you _______ have lunch with us tomorrow?

a. able to           b. are able to     c. be able           d. be able to


  1. Which book_______?

a. Mary likes     b. does Mary likes     c. Mary like   d. does Mary like


  1. I_______ here five years ago.

a. have worked    b. worked      c. work             d. ‘ve worked


  1. She swims_______ than I do.

a. good              b. well              c. better             d. more good


  1. They can walk _______ Ulus.

a. until               b. until to          c. as far as         d. as much as


  1. Istanbul is _______ important city in Turkey.

a. most              b. more             c. the most        d. the more


  1. Who_______?

a. did wait for you                     b. waited for you

c. did wait you for                     d. for you waited


  1. I am interested _______ swimming.

a. for                 b. in                  c. to                   d. at


  1. He’s been with us _______ ten years.

a. since              b. in                  c. from              d. for


  1. Children often cut _______ with a knife.

a. themselves    b. theyselves     c. theirselves     d. themself


  1. The _______ names are Ayşe and Gill.

a. woman’s        b. womens        c. womens’        d. women’s


  1. The temperature is about 25°C today, _______ it?

a. isn’t               b. won’t            c. doesn’t           d. don’t


  1. It’s been cloudy all morning, _______ it?

a. hasn’t             b. doesn’t          c. isn’t               d. wasn’t


  1. You never went there, _______ you?

a. do                  b. did                c. don’t              d. didn’t


  1. There’s a boy over there, _______?

a. isn’t it            b. doesn’t there                           c. isn’t there      d. wasn’t there


  1. Ayşe must work hard, _______ she?

a. musn’t           b. doesn’t          c. must              d. mustn’t


  1. “How is your father’s cold?” “_______ it get worse, we will call the doctor.”

a. Should          b. Might           c. if                   d. Unless


  1. We’ll get_______ here.

a. on the bus     b. bus on          c. the bus on     d. on bus


  1. He said he_______ her.

a. know             b. is knowing   c. known           d. knew


  1. She told me where _______.

a. she lived        b. does she live    c. has she lived    d. did she live


  1. Mary wanted to know what _______.

a. was it            b. it was            c. does it           d. is it


  1. Jack asked me if _______ swimming.

a. do I like         b. I was liked    c. I liked            d. did I like


  1. She asked me if _______ her.

a. I had seen      b. had I seen     c. did I see        d. I had see


  1. I told him _______ close the door.

a. do not                  b. don’t to         c. don’t              d. not to


  1. His teacher told them _______ hard.

a. study             b. studied          c. to study         d. studying


  1. When _______ to you?

a. does that letter sent                 b. was that book sent

c. did that letter sent                   d. can that book send


  1. English _______ almost everywhere in the world.

a. is spoken       b. spoken          c. is spoke         d. is speaking


  1. _______ their sister given a present every year?

a. Does             b. Is                  c. Do                 d. Are


  1. I got the window _______.

a. cleaning         b. to clean         c. cleaned          d. cleans


  1. She’s _______ her lunch.

a. already eaten       b. still eaten          c. yet eaten        d. still eat


  1. What do you want _______?

a. to me to do    b. me to do       c. to me do        d. me do


  1. I _______ up early last year.

a. used to get  b. used to getting       c. used get         d. use to get


  1. We’re _______ dressed quickly.

a. used to get     b. use getting    c. used to getting     d. use to getting


  1. I wish I _______ her yesterday.

a. would meet         b. him      c. had met               d. meet


  1. You are _______ I am.

a. same age as                            b. the same age as

c. the same age like                    d. the same age with


  1. She wrote her name on _______ book.

a. most              b. both              c. all                  d. each


  1. They came here _______ May 1st.

a. until               b. at                  c. in                   d. on


  1. Do you mind _______ the window?

a. closing          b. to closing      c. to close          d. close

  1. She _______ go there.

a. wouldn’t rather                       b. would rather don’t

c. would rather not                     d. would rather not to


  1. I’d _______ finish the book.

a. better not       b. better not to c. not better       d. not better to



Read this passage carefully, then choose the correct answer from the following :

“Don’t move, Mr. Bond,” the voice said softly, “You have a bare chance of survival if you stay where you are.”

Bond looked at the big man, at the golden, impassive eyes.

He lowered himself back in his chair. Immediately a broad strap was passed round his body and buckled tight. Two short straps went round his wrists and tied them to the leather and metal arms. Two more went round his ankles. He could throw himself and the chair to the floor, but otherwise he was powerless.

Mr. Big pressed a switch on the intercom. “Send in Miss Solitaire,” he said.

There was a moment’s pause and then a section of the bookcase to the right of the desk swung open.

One of the most beautiful women Bond had ever seen came slowly in and closed the door behind her. She stood just inside the room and stood looking at Bond, taking him in slowly inch by inch, from his head to his feet. When she had completed her detailed inspection, she turned to Mr. Big ———


  1. Mr. Big wanted Bond to be sure that he _______ .

a. had a faint possibility of living if he moved

b. was certain to die if he did not move

c. might just survive if he said something

d. would certainly die unless he kept still


  1. Which is the most complete description of the way Bond was tied?

a. his wrists, ankles and body were strapped to the chair

b. his wrists, and ankles were tied to his body and the chair.

c. his wrists, ankles and body were chained to the desk

d. his arms and legs were tied, like his body, to a leather belt


  1. Once Bond was tied to the chair _______.

a. he could easily overturn the chair and throw it out of the door

b. it would be possible to launch himself of the ground

c. the only thing he could do was fling himself to the floor

d. he could do anything except hurl himself to the floor


  1. Solitaire came into the room through _______.

a. a secret door above the bookcase

b. a secret door under the floor

c. a secret door disguised as a bookcase,

d. a door that was operated from a switch


  1. Solitaire’s first action when she came in was to _______.

a. investigate Bond

b. search Bond minutely from head to foot

c. look at him carefully

d. examine Bond carefully from top to toe



1 C 26 C 51 B
2 D 27 C 52 C
3 A 28 B 53 A
4 C 29 B 54 D
5 D 30 A 55 C
6 C 31 D 56 B
7 A 32 D 57 A
8 C 33 B 58 B
9 B 34 C 59 C
10 A 35 C 60 A
11 C 36 C 61 B
12 B 37 B 62 A
13 B 38 B 63 C
14 C 39 D 64 C
15 A 40 A 65 B
16 A 41 D 66 D
17 B 42 A 67 D
18 B 43 A 68 A
19 C 44 B 69 C
20 B 45 C 70 A
21 C 46 D 71 D
22 B 47 A 72 A
23 C 48 A 73 C
24 A 49 D 74 C
25 A 50 A 75 C


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