1. He never spends _______ money.


a. many b. some c. much d. a lot



2. I will watch television_______ .


a when he will come back b. by the time he come back


c. until he will come back d. until he comes back



3. He has an exam tomorrow, so he _______ study.


a. ought b. must c. had to d. must have



4. You say you have gone to his office, but I think you _______.


a ought to phone him b. should has phoned him


c. ought to have phoned him d. should phone him



5. She would tell you so if she _______ it.


a. had known b. would know c. has known d. knew



6. If you _______ your book, you will have a long holiday.


a. finish b. will finish c. are going to finish d. finished



7. I would have called him right away if I _______ his telephone number.


a. have known b. will know c. had known d. would know



8. The Browns will not go on a picnic ______it rains.


a. until b. since c. unless d. if



9. _______ coffee after lunch.


a. I’m used to drinking b. I used to drinking


c. I’m used drinking c. I’m used to drink



10. When_______ born?


a. did you b. were you c. are you d. you were



11. He seems to be the director. I remember _______ in school.


a. saw him b. seeing him c. him to see d. to see him



12. He _______ by the doctor.


a. has being examined b. has examined


c. has been examined d. has been exam



13. They haven’t drunk anything _______.


a. since five hours b. since yesterday morning


c. for five o’clock d. for yesterday morning



14. John has Rot married and _______.


a. so his sister has b. so has his sister


c. so got married his sister d. so did his sister



15. Rose didn’t go to school yesterday and _______.


a. nor didn’t James b. neither didn’t James


c. James didn’t either d. James didn’t too



16. He _______ less work than his wife.


a. made b. made a c. was d. did



17. My brother would rather _______.


a. play than study b. play than studies


c. plays than study d. to play than to study



18. Do you know where _______?


a. are they meeting b. will they meet


c. do they meet d. they will meet



19. I think the roof needs _______.


a. mending b. to mend c. be mended d. to be mending



20. She had the servant _______ the windows.


a. to clean b. clean c. cleans d. cleaned



21. Aunt Elizabeth got the roof _______.


a. mends b. mend c. mended d. to mend



22. I _______ the test when the bell rang.


a. already have finished b. have already finished


c. had already finish d. had already finished


23. She dances _______ than I do.


a. badly b. more badly c. worst d. worse



24. Mary_______ the house early yesterday morning.


a. leaved b. left c. has left d. leaves



25. We had a test yesterday. I wish _______.


a. we hadn’t one b. we didn’t have one


c. we hadn’t had one d. we wouldn’t have one



26. Has she ever _______ her leg?


a. broken b. breaked c. broke d. breaks



27. Will you _______ have lunch with us tomorrow?


a. be able to b. are able to c. able to d. be able



28. What kind of books _______?


a. does Mary likes b. Mary likes


c. Mary like d. does Mary like



29. I have to take a test tomorrow. I wish _______.


a. I have taken it b. I had taken it


c. I wouldn’t take it d. I wouldn’t have taken it



30. My son is seven years old. He is _______ to get married.


a. too old b. old enough c. too young d. enough young



31. I _______ here for five years so far.


a. worked b. have worked c. am working d. was working



32. George must go home now, but he wishes _______.


a. he hasn’t had to b. hadn’t had to


c. he mustn’t d. he didn’t have to



33. The teacher told us _______ any mistakes.


a. don’t make b. not make c. not to make d. not made



34. I took a taxi so that I _______ miss the train.


a. can’t b. wouldn’t c. won’t d. don’t



35. The _______ names are Ali and. Osman.


a. man’s b. men’s c. mens’ d. mens



36. You never saw him, _______ you?


a. did b. do c. didn’t d. don’t



37. They walked _______ Ulus.


a. until to b. as far as c. until d. as much as



38. Who _______?


a. for you waited b. did you wait for you


c. did you wait for d. did wait for you



39. There’s a boy over there, _______?


a. doesn’t there b. wasn’t there c. isn’t it d. isn’t there



40. He’ll take_______.


a. them off b. of them c. them of d. off them



41. We’ll get_______ here.


a. on bus b. on the bus c. the bus on d. bus on



42. She has been with us _______ ten years.


a. since b. from c. for d. in



43. We must work hard, _______ we?


a. mustn’t b. must c. musn’t d. don’t



44. It’s been rainy all afternoon, ——————— it?


a. wasn’t b. isn’t c. hasn’t d. doesn’t



45. Children often cut _______ with a knife.


a. themselves b. themself c. theirselves d. theyselves




46. New York is ______ important city in USA.


a. the more b. the most c. more d. most



47. I am interested _______ flying kites.


a. at b. to c. for d. in



48. The temperature will be about 25°C today, ______ it?


a. isn’t b. doesn’t b. willn’t d. won’t



49. His father told him _______ careful.


a. being b. to be c. be d. been



50. She told him where _______.


a. she lived b. does she live c. has she lived d. did she live



51. _______ their sister given a present last year?


a. Are b. Is c. Was d. Does



52. She’s _______ her lunch.


a. already eaten b. still eaten c. eaten yet d. yet eaten



53. English _______ almost everywhere in the world.


a. is speaking b. is spoke c. is spoken d. spoken



54. She asked me if_______ her.


a. I had seen b. had I seen c. I had see d. had I see



55. I asked him _______ close the door.


a. do not b. don’t to c. not to d. don’t



56. Jack asked me if _______ swimming.


a. did I like b. I liked c. do I like d. I was liked



57. When _______ to you?


a. did that letter sent b. was that letter sended


c. does that letter send d. was that letter sent



58. Where do you want _______?


a. me go b. to me go c. to me to go d. me to go



59. He said he _______ her.


a. know b. known c. knew d. is knowing



60. Mary wondered what _______ that I wanted


a. it was b. is it c. was it d. it is



61. I got the window _______.


a. cleaning b. cleaned c. cleans d. to clean



62. I _______ up early last year.


a. use to get b. used to getting c. used get d. used to get



63. You are _______ I am.


a. the same age as b. the same age with


c. the same age like d. same age as



64. He’s _______ dressed quickly.


a. use getting b. use to getting c. used to get d. used to getting



65. I wish I _______ her yesterday,


a. met b. would meet c. had met d. meet



66. Do you mind _______ the window?


a. closing b. to close c. close d. to closing



67. They came here_______ May 1st.


a. until b. in c. on d. at



68. She wrote her name on _______ book.


a. most b. each c. all d. both



69. I’d _______ finish this book.


a. not better to b. not better c. better not d. better not to




70. She_______ go there.


a. would rather not b. wouldn’t rather


c. would rather not to d. would rather don’t



Read this passage carefully, then choose the correct answer from those given:


The dark street seemed to be moving in to the land on the south side of the lake and as it went away from the lighted skyline it became invisible against the background of the southern hills.


“Can you see him?” Inspector Grant asked anxiously “I can’t.”


“Yes, he’s making into the south shore. Don’t worry; we’ll be there before he makes it,” answered Drysdale.


In a moment or two Grant could see the boat again. The man was rowing desperately for the shore. When the boats were about fifty yards apart. Lamont suddenly stopped rowing. He’s given it up, thought Grant. Then he saw that the man was bending down in the boat. “Does he think we’re going to shoot?” thought Grant, puzzled. And then, when Drysdale had shut off the engine and they were approaching him with a smooth leisureliness, Lament, coatless and hatless, sprang to his feet and then to the gunnels, as if to dive. His .stockinged foot slipped on the wet gunnels, his feet went from under him. With a sickening crack that they heard quite distinctly, the back of his head hit the boat and lie disappeared under water.


Grant had his coat and boots off by the time they were close to him. He went over the side. Six or seven seconds later a dark head broke the surface, and Grant hauled the unconscious man to the boat, and with Drysdale’s help pulled him in. The man was completely knocked out, and was bleeding from a cut on the back of the head.


71. As Lamont was heading for the south side of the lake _______.


a. all three men were swimming across the lake


b. Lamont was in a rowboat and Grant and Drysdale followed in a motor boat


c. Lamont was swimming, the other two men were chasing him in a motor boat


d. Lamont was in a motor boat and the other two men were running on shore.



72. Grant was afraid he might lose Lamont, because _______.


a. Lamont’s boat became invisible when it came to a place where there were hills behind it instead of the sky


b. The boat Grant and Drysdale were in was slower than Lament’s


c. The boat Lamont was in was smaller than Grant and Drysdale’s


d. Lamont had jumped out of the boat and was hiding under water.



73. Lamont stopped rowing and bent down in the boat, because ____.


a. He was afraid the policeman (Grant) would shoot at him


b. He had hit his head and was unconscious


c. He was taking off his coat and shoes in preparation for diving into the water


d. He had dropped his oar and was trying to pick it up.



74. Lamont sprang up on the front of the boat and _______.


a. Jumped across into Grant’s boat to fight with him


b. Called to Grant that he was giving up


c. Dived into the water and escaped from Grant


d. Slipped and fell into the water, hitting his head on the side of the boat as he fell.



75. When Grant pulled Lamont into the boat, Lamont was _______.


a. Dead


b. Unconscious


c. Bleeding from the head but conscious


d. Laughing




1 C 26 A 51 C
2 D 27 A 52 A
3 B 28 D 53 C
4 C 29 C 54 A
5 D 30 C 55 C
6 A 31 B 56 B
7 C 32 D 57 D
8 D 33 C 58 D
9 A 34 B 59 C
10 B 35 B 60 A
11 B 36 A 61 B
12 C 37 B 62 D
13 B 38 C 63 A
14 B 39 D 64 D
15 C 40 A 65 C
16 D 41 B 66 A
17 A 42 C 67 C
18 D 43 A 68 B
19 A 44 C 69 C
20 B 45 A 70 A
21 C 46 B 71 B
22 D 47 D 72 A
23 D 48 D 73 C
24 B 49 B 74 D
25 C 50 A 75 B


1 C 26 A 51 C
2 D 27 A 52 A
3 B 28 D 53 C
4 C 29 C 54 A
5 D 30 C 55 C
6 A 31 B 56 B
7 C 32 D 57 D
8 D 33 C 58 D
9 A 34 B 59 C
10 B 35 B 60 A
11 B 36 A 61 B
12 C 37 B 62 D
13 B 38 C 63 A
14 B 39 D 64 D
15 C 40 A 65 C
16 D 41 B 66 A
17 A 42 C 67 C
18 D 43 A 68 B
19 A 44 C 69 C
20 B 45 A 70 A
21 C 46 B 71 B
22 D 47 D 72 A
23 D 48 D 73 C
24 B 49 B 74 D
25 C 50 A 75 B


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