1. _______ clever, he would not have passed.

a. Was he not    b. If he been c. If he will not be      d. If he had not been


  1. Unless he’s offered more money elsewhere, _______ our offer.

a. he won’t accept                       b. he’ll accept

c. he would accept                     d. he wouldn’t accept


  1. If I’d realized this before, I _______ in such a mess now.

a. won’t have been                     b. wouldn’t have been

c. wouldn’t be                            d. won’t be


  1. If only _______ this wouldn’t have happened.

a. we have known                      b. had we known

c. we didn’t know                      d. we had known


  1. John : I’m tired.

Jerry : Yes, you look as if _______ a good night’s sleep.

a. you need                                b. you would’ve needed

c. you would need                     d. you’ve needed


  1. _______ to the market, when it started to rain.

a. I was just about to go             b. I was going to buy it

c. I would just go                       d. I’ll buy it


  1. _______ but I didn’t have enough money.

a. I would buy it                        b. I was going to buy it

c. I will have bought it               d. I’ll buy it


  1. Mary : Why didn’t you call me?

Jane : Well, _______ all this week.

a. I was trying to call you          b. I’m trying to call you

c. I’ve been trying to call you     d. I tried to call you


  1. Tony : What a surprise to see you at the airport yesterday!

Bill: Yes, _______ some friends.

a. I’ve been seeing off                b. I’ve seen off

c  I was seeing off                     d.  1 would see of


  1. We’re delighted to see you back! _______ you so much!

a. We’ve missed                         b. We were missing

c. We had missed                       d.  We are missing


  1. Tom: I’ve been reading English books.

Ann: Oh, really? _______ you knew English.

a. I haven’t known                     b. I didn’t know

c. I hadn’t known                       d. I don’t know


  1. Dan: Have you ever seen her secret house?

Bob: Yes, _______ last year.

a. I’d seen it       b. I’ve seen it    c. I saw it          d. I did see it

  1. Cathy: How long has he been away?

Mike: Oh, _______ three weeks on Friday.

a. hell be gone                            b. he’ll have been

c. he’ll have gone                       d. he’ll have been gone


  1. Joe: What was that noise?

Jim: Oh, don’t worry. It  _______ the cat playing in the kitchen.

a. should have been                   b. must have been

c. has to have been                     d. ought to have been


  1. I asked you to get some white cheese! You  _______ bought this!

a. shouldn’t have                        b. hadn’t to have

c. mustn’t have                           d. wouldn’t have


  1. I always enjoyed  _______ in that lake in summer.

a. to have swum                         b. been swimming

c. to swimming                          d. swimming


  1. The boy told his teacher a lie to avoid  _______.

a. be punished   b. being punished      c. to be punished     d. punishing


  1. The two children  _______ to their grandparents’ house at Christmas.

a. use to look forward to going        b. used to look forward to going

c. used to look forward to go     d. use to look forward to go


  1. Having worked hard for three months he  _______ his exam.

a. succeeded to pass                   b. succeeded in to pass

c. succeeded in passing              d. succeeded passing


  1. They accused him  _______ a thief.

a. for being       b. as being        c. of being         d. to be


B. Use one of the verbs correctly in each of the sentences below.

PUT UP                 PUT BY          PUT THROUGH

PUT OFF                                  PUT IN


  1. We are very busy at the office. I must  _______ my holiday for a while.


  1. We have an extra room in our house. We will gladly  ____ you _______ for a week or two.


GET UP                 GET DOWN             GET THROUGH

GET OVER                                    GET ON WITH


  1. How do you find your new neighbors? I’ve heard they’re difficult to _______.


  1. I tried to telephone my family several  times last night, but I just couldn’t  _______.

TAKE ON             TAKE IN        TAKE OFF      TAKE OVER

TAKE TO                                       TAKE OUT


  1. Who do you think will  _______ when he resigns?


  1. I’ll have to go to the bank tomorrow to  _______ some money.


MAKE ALONG                             MAKE UP       MAKE FOR

MAKE OUT                            MAKE OFF    MAKE OVER


  1. There was so much noise I could hardly  _______ what he was saying.


  1. Despite the snowstorm, we decided to  _______ Kars instead of sleeping in the car.


COME UP             COME ROUND                      COME IN

COME OFF           COME AWAY                        COME OVER.


  1. After the operation one of the nurses stayed at his bedside, waiting for him to _______.


  1. He’s full of wonderful plans, but they very seldom _______.


C. Fill in the blanks with a(n), the or no article, whichever is most appropriate.

___31___ outbreak of  ___32___ fire at  ___33___ base of  ___34___ oil-well is usually extinguished by  ___35___ explosion of  ___36___ nitroglycerine. ___37___ long tubular container, filled with ___38___ explosive, is dropped down ___39___ shaft of ___40___ well. When it hits ___41___ ground at ___42___ bottom of ___43___ shaft, it explodes and momentarily removes ___44___ oxygen from  __45___ air there. Since ___46___ fire cannot exist without ___47___ oxygen, ___48___ flames at   ___49___ base of ___50___ well are extinguished instantaneously.


D. Change the following dialogue into reported speech in the past tense  beginning with the words, “John said  _______.” Pay attention to style and use verb modifiers where you feel they are appropriate.

JOHN: I can’t find my notebook.


ANNE: Where did you put it?


JOHN: I’m not sure I think I left it on my desk.


ANNE: No, you didn’t.


JOHN: What! How do you know?


ANNE: Well, I remember seeing you put it on the hall table last night


E. Circle the correct answer.

  1. He got a low mark but he _______ to have answered most of the questions correctly.

a. contradicts     b. claims     c. blames       d. conceives      e. deserves


  1. She was fifteen minutes late because she was _______ by a traffic jam.

a. bent on       b. fled         c. troubled     d. delayed      e. stopped up


  1. Teachers like _______ students.

a. conscious                  b. conscientious             c. consenting

d. conscience                                    e. conserving


  1. Her parents will never _______ such outrageous behavior.

a. put up     b. endeavor       c. concentrate    d. strike   e. tolerate


  1. After trying for some time, he gave _______ working on it.

a. way         b. up           c. in            d. on              e. after


  1. Are you any good _______ making soup?

a. by           b. for          c. at             d. from          e. with


  1. It’s incredible to see him in such good health after the accident.

a. creditable                b. increasing                     c. unthinkable

d. positive                               e. unbelievable


  1. She was angry because he disregarded her feelings in this matter.

a. did not ignore         b. discharged       c. paid no attention to

d. considered                                       e. was careless


  1. During the ten years he worked in Germany. He accumulated a fortune.

a. made             b. expanded      c. concentrated

d. increased                             e. intensified


  1. He did his work reluctantly because he did not like the director.

a. slowly           b. unwillingly                            c. inefficiently

d. unhesitatingly                                               e. reliably


1 D 26 out 51 B
2 B 27 out 52 D
3 C 28 for 53 B
4 D 29 round 54 E
5 A 30 off 55 B
6 A 31 an 56 C
7 B 32 x 57 E
8 C 33 the 58 C
9 C 34 an 59 A
10 A 35 an 60 B
11 B 36 x
12 C 37 a
13 B 38 an
14 B 39 a
15 A 40 the
16 D 41 the
17 B 42 the
18 B 43 the
19 C 44 the
20 C 45 the
21 off 46 x
22 up 47 x
23 on with 48 the
24 through 49 the
25 over 50 the


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