1. ________ for his great courage, all lives would have been lost.

a. It had not been                       b. Had it not been

c. It wouldn’t’ve been                 d. Wouldn’t it’ve been


  1. Yes I know you’re tired this morning but ________ to the party, you wouldn’t’ve come home late.

a. if you would’ve gone             b. if you had’ve gone

c. if you hadn’t gone                  d. if you wouldn’t’ve gone


  1. Unless he’s offered more money elsewhere, ________ this job.

a. he won’t accept                       b. he’ll accept

c. he would accept                     d. he wouldn’t accept


  1. If I’d realized this before, I ________ in such a mess now.

a. won’t’ve been                         b. wouldn’t’ve been

c. wouldn’t be                            d. won’t be


  1. If only ________ it, none of this would’ve happened.

a. I wouldn’t’ve mentioned         b. I hadn’t mentioned

c. I hadn’t’ve mentioned             d. I would’ve mentioned


  1. A – I’ve got a terrible headache.

B – Yes, you look as if ________ an aspirin.

a. you need                                b. you would’ve needed

c. you would need                     d. you’ve needed


  1. ________ to the market, when it started to rain.

a. I was just about to go             b. I’m just about to go

c. I would just go                       d. I’ve just about gone


  1. ________ but I didn’t have enough money.

a. I would buy it                        b. I was going to buy it

c. I will’ve bought it                   d. I’ll buy it


  1. A -I haven’t seen you for ages!

B – Well, ________ all this week

a. I was trying to call you          b. I’m trying to call you

c. I’ve been trying to call you     d. I tried to call you


  1. A – Fancy seeing you at the airport yesterday!

B – Yes, ________ some friends.

a. I’ve been seeing off                b. I’ve seen off

c. I was seeing off                     d. I would see off


  1. A: Hello, my name is Jack.

B: Yes, I know. ________ once before at a party.

a. We were met                          b. We were meeting

c. We did meet                           d. We met



  1. How nice to see you back! ________ you .so much.

a. We’ve missed                         b. We were missing

c. We had missed                       d. We are missing


  1. A – I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music these days.

B – Oh really? ________ you had a record. player.

a. I haven’t known                     b. I didn’t know

c. I hadn’t known                       d. I don’t know


  1. A-Have you seen that film?

B – Yes, twice. ________ last year.

a.  I’d seen it      b. I’ve seen it    c. I saw it          d.  I did see it


  1. A – How long’s  he been away ?

B – Oh, ________ three weeks on Friday.

a. he’ll be gone                           b. he’ll’ve been

c. he’ll gone                                d. he’ll’ve been gone


  1. A – I do hope we can watch TV tonight.

B – Oh yes – I’m sure ________ the aerial by now.

a. they’d put up                          b. they’d put up

c.  they’d’ve put up                    d.  they’d be put up


  1. A – What excellent French you speak!

B – So ________. I lived in Paris for twenty years.

a. I must            b. I am to          c. I should         d. I have to

  1. A – What was that noise?

B – Oh, don’t worry. It ________ the cat

a.  should’ve been                      b. must’ve been

c.  has to’ve been                       d. ought to’ve been


  1. What a lovely carpet you’ve bought! It ________ expensive!

a. should’ve been                       b. must’ve been

c. ought to’ve been                    d. was to’ve been


  1. He is getting fatter and fatter. He ________ eating too much.

a. must be         b. may              c. can be            d. might


  1. A. I’ve eaten far too much!

B – Oh ________ all that exercise.

a. it has to be     b. it ought to be       c. it can be    d. should be


  1. A: There was a lot of noise in this building last night

B: Well, ________ I was out at a party all night.

a. it might’ve been me                b. it couldn’t’ve been me

c. it mustn’t’ve been me             d. it shouldn’t’ve been me

  1. A: I’m surprised your husband didn’t stay longer.

B: Well, _________, had the weather been better

a. he should’ve done                  b. he had to’ve done

c. he might’ve done                    d. he must’ve done

  1. A: Must I always pay my rent by cheque?

B: No. _________. Pay it however you want to.

a. you needn’t    b. you shouldn’t   c. you mustn’t  d. you oughtn’t


  1. A: I hate all this polite chat at cocktail parties.

B: Oh, you ____ polite in my house. Say whatever you want!

a. mustn’t be      b. needn’t be     c. shouldn’t be   d. oughtn’t to be


Use one of the verbs correctly in each of the sentences below :

PUT UP                 PUT BY          PUT THROUGH

PUT OFF               PUT IN           PUT ACROSS



  1. I’m sorry but I can’t _________ anybody at the moment because the bedrooms are being redecorated.


  1. I must say I wouldn’t buy it, but don’t be _________ by me.


  1. If he hadn’t been so drunk, he would’ve _________ his ideas more convincingly.


  1. The noise in  this classroom is getting unbearable. I simply won’t _________ it!


  1. I’ll never go to that grocer’s again. He seems to _________ his price every day.


GET UP                 GET DOWN                            GET OFF

GET OUT              GET THROUGH                    GET ON WITH

GET ALONG        GET OVER                             GET ABOUT


  1. “How do you find your new colleague?”

“I’m told he’s difficult to _________.


  1. They say he’ll never _________ his dismissal.


  1. I tried to telephone Istanbul yesterday, but I just couldn’t ____.


  1. Mr. Tracy Tuppman is so old now he just can’t _________ like he used to.
  2. There’s no doubt that he’s guilty and I’m sure he won’t ______.




TAKE ON             TAKE OFF                              TAKE IN

TAKE UP              TAKE TO                                TAKE DOWN



  1. I’ll have so much spare time, I’ll probably _________ some kind of hobby.


  1. Have you any idea who’ll _________ when he resigns?


  1. He’s very funny when he _________ his grandfather.


  1. I’ll have to go to the bank tomorrow to _________ some money.


  1. It’s very difficult to ________ a person who has so many prejudices.

MAKE ALONG    MAKE UP                                MAKE OUT

MAKE FOR          MAKE OVER                                                  MAKE AWAY



  1. The line’s very bad. It’s difficult to _________ what he’s saying.


  1. I don’t really like his being absent so much, but he does _________ the most amusing excuses.


  1. Let’s _________ Kars, but if we don’t get there, too bad!


  1. To avoid paying death duties, he’ll _________ his whole estate to his son this year.


  1. No, the burglar didn’t take too much, but he did manage to _______ some of my best carpets.



1 B 26 up
2 C 27 off
3 B 28 through
4 C 29 up with
5 B 30 up
6 A 31 on with
7 A 32 over
8 B 33 through
9 C 34 about
10 C 35 off
11 D 36 up
12 A 37 over
13 B 38 off
14 C 39 out
15 B 40 to
16 C 41 out
17 C 42 up
18 B 43 for
19 B 44 over
20 A 45 off with
21 C
22 B
23 C
24 A
25 B



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