Ayşe served tea ________ them.

a. from              b. in                  c. to


  1. I want to pay ________ the book.

a. at                   b. of                  c. for


  1. She takes ________ her shoes when she enters the house.

a. on                  b. off                c. in


  1. Put ________ your sweater before you get out.

a. on                  b. down            c. in


  1. The tourist asked ________ some information.

a. of                  b. from             c. for


  1. I don’t like ________ hot drinks.

a. serve             b. to serve         c. serving to


  1. They continued ________ songs.

a. singing          b. plan              c. to sing


  1. The customer insists on ________, so hurry up.

a. serving          b. serve             c. being served


  1. She didn’t finish ________ coffee.

a. have              b. to have          c. having


  1. The house is ________ for him to buy.

a. too expensive      b. enough expensive            c. very expensive


  1. Her mother ________ the housework yesterday.

a. made             b. had               c. did


  1. They never ________ plans for the work.

a. make             b. have              c. do


  1. His brother was here ________ Saturday.

a. in                   b. on                 c. by


  1. Ali always goes to school ________bus.

a. with               b. on                 c. by


  1. She is still in school, ________?

a. is she             b. isn’t she        c.   isn’t it


  1. Don’t you like this lesson? ________.

a. No, I’m not    b. No, I don’t like.                      c. No, I don’t


  1. I’m not ________that subject.

a. interesting with             b. interested in            c.  interested with

  1. Alice is unhappy today. She can’t study ________.

a. something     b. nothing         c. anything


  1. The student ________something to write with.

a. is need           b. is needing     c. needs


  1. Who is going to answer ________question?

a. that                b. for that          c. to that


  1. Can you tell me where ________?

a. does John live           b. John lives     c. John is live


  1. ________you like some tea?

a. will                b. are                c. would


  1. Do you mind ________the window?

a. open              b. opening        c. to open


  1. My brother doesn’t like coffee, ________I do.

a. neither           b. nor                c. but


  1. She felt ill after ________the food.

a.  eat                b. eating            c. to eat


  1. Jale is the same age ________Meral.

a. like                b. as                  c. with


  1. He lives ________27 Goroglu Street.

a. at                   b. in                  c. on


  1. Where is the new student from? ________.

a. He is coming from Istanbul             b. He can come from Istanbul.

c. He is from Istanbul


  1. When did your school begin? ________.

a. Since September           b. In September.         c. At September


  1. What is he going to do? ________.

a. He is going to school             b. He is going to go school

c. He is going to play football


  1. They would buy the car if they ________enough money.

a. would have   b. have had       c. had


  1. Did you like the house ________yesterday?

a. which I showed you              b. which I showed you it

c. I showed you which


  1. George’s father told him ________.

a. don’t go out               b. not to go out              c. not go out

  1. How long have you lived here? ________.

a. Since ten years          b. From ten years          c. For ten years


  1. Haven’t you ever seen a tiger? ________.

a. No, never               b. No, not ever                 c. No, not never


  1. Which man is your teacher? ________.

a. The man is near the window is my teacher.

b. The man near the window is my teacher.

c. The man is my teacher near the window.


  1. Which train left on Sunday? ________.

a. To Istanbul the train left on Sunday

b. The train left on Sunday to Istanbul

c. The train to Istanbul left on Sunday


  1. What does Mary’s mother do? ________.

a. She is a woman.     b. She teaches English.     c. She is very well.


  1. What would you have done if you ________a lot of money?

a. had                b. had had         c. have had


  1. Izmir is ________in Turkey.

a. the most important city           b. most important a city

c. the most important a city


Read the passage and choose the best alternative according to the passage in the following questions.

Jane and Tom both like music, so the two study together everyday in the summer. Jane plays the piano and Tom the violin. Often he takes his violin with him when they go to the woods to find flowers. There they sit on the ground; he plays, and she sings songs.

When winter comes, Tom goes to school about 12 miles from home The roads are so bad that he and several other boys stay with the teacher. Tom’s father pays fifty dollars a year for the school.


  1. a. Jane likes music, but Tom doesn’t.

b. Tom likes music, but Jane doesn’t.

c. Tom likes music, and Jane does too.

d. Jane doesn’t like music, and Tom doesn’t either


  1. a. Tom studies with Jane in the summer.

b. Tom and Jane go to school together every day.

c. Tom and Jane study together in the winter.

d. Jane and Tom go to different schools in the summer.


  1. a. In the woods Tom plays, and Jane looks for flowers

b. The two children play and sing in the woods

c. In the woods Tom plays the violin and Jane sings songs

d. In the woods Tom carries the violin and Jane picks flowers.

  1. a. The school is far from other boys’ houses.

b. The school is about twelve miles from the teacher’s house.

c. The School is about twelve miles from Tom’s house.

d. Tom’s house is about twelve miles from the teacher’s house.


  1. a. In the winter Tom stays with the teacher because the roads are very bad.

b. In the winter Tom stays at the teacher’s house because his father pays the teacher.

c. Because several other boys stay at school with the teacher. Tom also stays there with the teacher.

d. In the winter Tom stays at the teacher’s house because his home is far from the school.


1 C 26 B
2 C 27 A
3 B 28 C
4 A 29 B
5 C 30 C
6 B 31 C
7 C 32 A
8 C 33 B
9 C 34 C
10 A 35 A
11 C 36 B
12 A 37 C
13 B 38 B
14 C 39 B
15 B 40 A
16 C 41 C
17 B 42 A
18 C 43 C
19 C 44 C
20 A 45 A
21 B
22 C
23 B
24 C
25 B


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