1. __________English?

a. She is                  b. Is                  c. He                 d. Is she


  1. This is an office, and _____ tables.

a. those are              b. that are          c. these              d. that is


  1. This is_____ girlfriend.

a. hers                     b. to him           c. of her            d. his


  1. There are _____ people in the office.

a. the                       b. some             c. a                    d. any


  1. _____ money on Maria’s table?

a. There is some                               b. There is any

c. Is it some                                      d. Is there any


  1. “Where’s Maria?”  “She _____ in the office.”

a. is sitting              b. sitting            c. sit                  d. sits


  1. Maria _____ Italian and British.

a. speak                   b. speaking       c. speaks           d. is speak


  1. “What _____?” “She’s writing a letter.”

a. does she do                                  b. does she

c. Is she doing                                  d. she is doing


  1. She _____ speak French.

a. no                        b. doesn’t          c. not                 d. don’t


  1. “Are Peter and Maria still sitting in the office?” “No, _____”

a. they don’t sit                                b. they standing

c. there aren’t                                    d. they aren’t


  1. What language _____?

a. do you speak                                b. are you speak

c. you are speaking                          d. speak you


  1. “Are there any people in the bar?” “No, _____”

a. any                      b. there isn’t      c. there aren’t     d. are there


  1. Helen has got only _____ money.

a. any                      b. no                 c. a little            d. few


  1. “Do you want some tea?” “No, I don’t want _____ thank you.”

a. nothing                b. anything        c. none              d. something


  1. I’m sorry, but I _____ the test yet.

a. don’t finish                                   b. haven’t finished

c. didn’t finish                                  d. aren’t finished


  1. _____ English before?

a. Have you                                      b. Do you study

c. Are you studying                         d. Have you studied


  1. Maria _____ to the bank on Monday.

a. go                        b. gone              c. going             d. went


  1. Maria_____ hasn’t telephoned Peter.

a. yet                       b. always          c. still                d. never


  1. Peter _____ in the living room when the phone rang.

a. was sitting           b. has been sitting   c. sat           d. has sat


  1. “What _____?” “She wanted to talk to him.”

a. wanted she                                   b. did she want

c. did wanted                                    d. has she wanted


  1. Peter can’t speak Italian, _____?

a. isn’t it                  b. does he         c. can’t he          d. can he


  1. No, but he _____ soon.

a. goes to learn                                 b. learns

c. is going to learn                           d. is learning



  1. He asked her to speak _____ on the telephone.

a. more clearer                                  b. more clearly

c. clearlier                                         d.  more clear


  1. “What_____ this evening?” Maria asked.

a. you will do          b. do you   c. will you    d. are you doing


  1. She enjoys _____ to parties.

a. to go              b. that they go         c. going             d. go


  1. Maria _____ while he was still having a bath.

a. was arriving        b. has arrived    c. arrived           d. is arriving


  1. “If we _____ quickly, we won’t be late for the party.” said Peter.

a. drive                    b. will drive      c. drove             d. would drive


  1. She asked him where _____.

a. the party is                                    b. the party was

c. was the party                                d. is the party


  1. “If I _____ the way to the house, we wouldn’t be so late.” he replied.

a. knew                                            b. know            c. would know d. had known




  1. Peter wanted _____ a policeman.

a. that Maria would ask                    b. Maria asking

c. Maria should ask                                                   d. Maria to ask


  1. Maria said she _____ him driving fast, and asked him to slow down.

a. isn’t liking                                     b.  hasn’t liked

c. didn’t like                                      d.  doesn’t like


  1. When they finally arrived, they _____ the car and went in.

a. had parked       b. were parking       c. parked        d. have parked


  1. They were _____ they didn’t get anything to eat.

a. such late              b. so late           c. too late          d. very late


  1. Nevertheless, Peter made Maria _____ all night.

a. to dance               b. that she danced   c. dance       d. dancing


  1. When you _____ him tomorrow, you’ll think he’s ten years older.

a. see          b. will see    c. would see    d.  are going to see


  1. He promised Maria they _____ there earlier next time.

a. will get                b. get                 c. shall get         d. would get


  1. _____ Peter nor Maria was able to drive home.

a. Either                  b. Nor               c. Not                d.  Neither


  1. Maria took a taxi and _____ Peter.

a. also                      b. so did            c. too did           d. so


  1. The milk _____ at 8 o’clock the following morning.

a. was delivering                              b. delivered

c. was delivered                               d. is delivered


  1. “If I’d known I’d feel so ill, I _____ to the party,” Peter moaned.

a. would go                                      b. wouldn’t have gone

c. didn’t go                                       d. would have gone


  1. He heard on the morning news that a family of 6 _____ in an explosion.

a. were being injured                        b. had injured

c. have injured                                  d. had been Injured


  1. The family had just had a new gas cooker _____ in their kitchen.

a. fitted                    b.  to be fitted       c. fitting         d. for fit


  1. The man who fixed it must _____ a mistake with the connec­tions.

a. have made           b. to have made   c. to made          d. made


  1. He _____ his job properly because a lot of gas escaped.

a. shouldn’t do                                  b. must have done

c. was able to do                              d. can’t have done

  1. When Peter _____ his breakfast, he went to work.

a. finishing                                       b. was finishing

c. had finished                                  d.  has finished


  1. He thought he_____ able to read about the explosion when he got home.

a. will be                 b. would be       c. is                   d. was


  1. “By the time I get home, the story_____ in the evening newspaper.” he thought.

a. appears                                         b. will appear

c. will have appeared                        d. has appeared


  1. Peter _____ spending weekends alone.

a. didn’t use to                                  b. wasn’t used to

c. hadn’t used to                               d. used not to


  1. He wished she _____ have to spend so much time away.

a. didn’t                   b. doesn’t          c. hadn’t            d. couldn’t


  1. He suggested _____ him on Tuesday evening.

a. her to meet                                    b. she should meet

c. she meeting                                  d. that her meeting


  1. You _____ have worried because the test wasn’t difficult, was it?

a. could                   b. needn’t          c. must              d. wouldn’t


  1. Now it’s time _____ a short composition.

a. you write                                      b. you are writing

c. for to write                                   d. you wrote



1 D 26 C 51 B
2 A 27 A 52 D
3 D 28 B
4 B 29 A
5 D 30 D
6 A 31 C
7 C 32 C
8 C 33 B
9 B 34 C
10 D 35 A
11 A 36 D
12 C 37 D
13 C 38 B
14 B 39 C
15 B 40 B
16 D 41 D
17 D 42 A
18 C 43 A
19 A 44 D
20 B 45 C
21 D 46 B
22 C 47 C
23 B 48 B
24 D 49 A
25 C 50 A


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